News: Read our January 2016 Newsletter, January  2, 2016

Read our January 2016 Newsletter

January 2, 2016

Click here to read our January 2016 newsletter, which features a wonderful 1950's hawk and a memorial to Tuna Iquliq.

News: Read our December 2015 Newsletter, December 16, 2015

Read our December 2015 Newsletter

December 16, 2015

Click here to read our December 2015 Newsletter, which features Inuit portraits.

News: Inuit Artists Visit Alaska on Madison, October 31, 2015

Inuit Artists Visit Alaska on Madison

October 31, 2015

On October 17, 2015, Alaska on Madison hosted Samaiyu Akesuk and Papiara Tukiki, two of the artists whose work is featured in the 2015 Cape Dorset Print Collection.  

Saimaiyu Akesuk was born on April 28, 1988 in Iqaluit but she has lived in Cape Dorset for almost her whole life. Her parents are Lau Akesuk and Olayuk Akesuk, who was one of the first Members of the Legislative Assembly in Nunavut. Samaiyu's grandfather, Latcheolassie Akesuk, was a distinguished early Cape Dorset sculptor. Saimaiyu was inspired to start drawing by Ningeokuluk Teevee while they were taking a class together at the Nunavut Teaching Education Program. Saimaiyu's confident drawings of birds and bears are characterized by her bold and dynamic simplicity rendered with soft tenderness and quite often a touch of whimsy.

Papiara Tukiki has been a delightful mainstay of the annual collection since her first prints were introduced in 2004. Papiara's simple forms capture the essence of her subject. In 1977 she received an Award of Excellence for her original design in the "Things That Make us Beautiful" competition organized by the Department of Indian and Northern Development. Born on Christmas Day, 1942, Papiara is married to Qopie Tukiki, a long-time employee of the community's Housing Association. They live in Cape Dorset.

News: Alaska on Madison hosts preview October 29-30 for Walker's November 2015 Auction, October 28, 2015

Alaska on Madison hosts preview October 29-30 for Walker's November 2015 Auction

October 28, 2015

On October 29 and 30, from 10 am - 6 pm each day (opening preview reception October 29, 6-8 pm), Alaska on Madison is hosting a preview for Walker's Auctions November 15 live auction.  In addition, Alaska on Madison is hosting a preview of ivory and whalebone works to be included in that auction.  The ivory and whalebone works will be on view during the gallery's regular hours from now until the auction (November 18).

About one-third of the works in the auction come from the renowned Albrecht Collection of Arctic Art, featured in the Arctic Spirit exhibit at the Heard Museum.  



News: Read our September 2015 Newsletter, September 12, 2015

Read our September 2015 Newsletter

September 12, 2015

Click here to read our September 2015 Newsletter, which features the opening of Whalebone Wonders, an exhibit of Inuit sculpture in whalebone.

News: Read our August 2015 Newsletter, August  1, 2015

Read our August 2015 Newsletter

August 1, 2015

Our August 2015 Newsletter introduces you to Whalebone Wonders,  an exhibition opening September 17.  This exhibit showcases three masterworks in whalebone - Revenge by Manasie Akpaliapik, Shaman Playing String Game by Nick Sikkuark, and Shaman Hunter by Augustin Anaittuq - and surrounds them with a number of smaller examples of Inuit artists' ingenious use of whalebone.

News: Read our July 2015 Newsletter, July  3, 2015

Read our July 2015 Newsletter

July 3, 2015

Our July Newsletter features a biography and selection of works by the legendary Pauta Saila, and updates on a collection of small ivories and our forthcoming exhibition of major whalebone pieces. 

News: Read our June 2015 Newsletter, June  6, 2015

Read our June 2015 Newsletter

June 6, 2015

Click here to read our June 2015 Newsletter, with information about current and future exhibitions.

News: Read our May 2015 Newsletter, May  5, 2015

Read our May 2015 Newsletter

May 5, 2015

Click here to read our May 2015 Newsletter, which has more information on the forthcoming Views from the North II exhibit and a discussion of Northwest Coast halibut hooks.

News: Read our February 2015 Newsletter, February  7, 2015

Read our February 2015 Newsletter

February 7, 2015

Click here to read our February 2015 Newsletter, which features a discussion of the prints in Thirty from the Sixties: The First Decade of Inuit Printmaking and the printing techniques used.